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Fine Art Print Options:

Ultra-Limited Signed Prints

These prints are released in limited editions of 5, 10 or 20 prints.  Once the max has been reached, these editions will never be reprinted in this format ever again.  As an edition sells, the price of the next edition increases.  For example, edition 1 of 5 might be $2000.  Once that sells, edition 2 of 5 will be increased by 50-100%.  Buying in this format guarantees that you will be purchasing a piece of Colin's portfolio that very few will experience.

Currently, they are printed using metallic dye under acrylic and sized at 40x60".  Examples are displayed at galleries and art spaces around the United States, but they are only examples and will be disposed of once the final edition is sold.   

Please contact me to inquire about print availability, edition number, and pricing.  Many images are no longer available, so don't hesitate if you're interested.

High Quality Unlimited Prints

This edition is available on canvas, metal, or photographic paper.  Please contact me to inquire about pricing and desired format.

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