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Zion Fall 2023

4000 ft sandstone cliffs going from red to white, emerald green waters, maple groves, wild turkeys, swirling and twirling Dr. Seussian trees... Zion is basically what I would create if I could turn dreams into reality. For this workshop, we will explore a range of new areas that photographers and tourists rarely visit.  It will require some hiking and work, but the brand new views you will witness will make your jaw drop. We will see the sunset between checkerboard cliffs adorned with bonsai juniper.  We will go beyond the Eastern canyon walls to witness the sun rise and set on pinnacles I have never before seen photographed to bring you truly unique images.

Then of course, what Zion workshop would be complete without visiting the main canyon to explore the Narrows and to see the drama of 4000 ft of sandstone.



Workshop Philosophy

I view photography as an exploration. Each new storm, each new moonrise, each new early snow is an opportunity to tell the story of our adventure with a unique vision.  I want you to experience the heat, the cold, the explosions of light, the screaming joy of capturing the perfect scene when the final gasp of the sun's red breath heats a peak just right - or when the lightning we've been chasing for days lashes across a dark escarpment, lighting hoodoos and monuments as few have ever seen. When you're done, I want you to know that you have created something that is entirely yours.

General Details

  • Group Size: 4 participants

  • Dates: Oct 28th - Nov 2nd

  • Cost: $1750 Total/Person ($600 non-refundable deposit collected upon booking)

  • Physical Difficulty: Moderate (Max of 2-3 hour hikes with 1000/2000 ft of elevation change. An overnight backpack is also included)


What's Included

  • Expert guidance to the best photographic locations in the region

  • Photographic Instruction:

    • Step-by-step instruction to understand how my creative process works including scouting, composing, pre-visuilizaiton, and execution

    • How to see beyond the ordinary to capture/convey new and unique perspectives

    • Focus stacking for extreme depth of field

    • Photography in extreme weather conditions

    • Wide angle and telephoto composition

  • Post processing Instruction to bring your images to life

What's Not Included

  • Lodging (Suggestions will be given upon booking)

  • Transportation/flights

  • Food

  • Photographic or camping gear

  • Travel insurance (highly recommended to protect against unforeseen circumstances)


Payment, Cancellation and Refunds

Payment consists of a non-refundable deposit with the balance collected via a Paypal request 90 days prior to the workshop.

Cancellation is handled as follows:

  • If you decide to cancel and your spot is filled, you will be refunded the full amount you have paid, minus a $300 administrative fee.

  • If you cancel and your spot is not filled, you will be refunded based upon the following schedule:

    • Greater than 90 days prior to beginning the tour: the deposit is forfeited

    • Less than 90 days prior to beginning the tour: 75% of the tour program cost is forfeited

    • Less than 30 days: 100% of the total tour cost is forfeited


By booking this tour you agree to the Terms&Conditions.

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